HARPY is a contemporary artist-run gallery and storefront owned by Michael Olivo exhibiting emerging artists. HARPY organizes monthly exhibitions typically consisting of three to four artists; all the artists exhibited emphasize the formal and the figurative. Throughout the year, both online and in-store, various objects and products are for sale. The objective is to bring something different to Rutherford and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Hours: Open Friday 12pm-5pm, Saturday 12pm-3pm & 5-8pm, and Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

Location: We are located at 92 Park Ave #2 on the main street of Rutherford, NJ. The nearest train station is Rutherford Station which is easily accessed from Port Authority by the 190 bus.

Phone: 973-886-6077

Instagram: @harpygallery

Submissions: Please contact us through the contact page for any submissions regarding music, art, or film.

Opening/Closing Receptions:

Jan.13th / Feb.10th - MORE MORE NOW pop-up

Feb.17th / Mar.17th - June Culp / Emma Kohlmann

Mar.24th / Apr.14th - Adam Amram solo

Apr.21th / May.12th - Delphine Hennelly / Milo Moyer-Battick

May.19th / June.9th - Thom Trojanowski Hobson / Cannon Dill

June.16th / July.14th - Em Kettner solo 

Past Shows:

Oct.22nd/Nov.12th (2016) - Ramie Faris / Jason Rusnock

Nov.19th/Dec.10th - Em Kettner / Kyle Breitenbach / Ryan Travis Christian

Dec.17th/Jan.6th - Llewelleyn Meija / Niv Bavarsky / Matthew Houston

Jan.13th/Feb.11th (2017) - Kate Klingbeil / Maren Karlson / Austin English

Feb.18th/Mar.11th - Winnie Truong / Lala Albert / Armando Veve

Mar.18th/Apr.8th - Taylor Carpenter / Andy Cahill / Jesse Balmer

Apr.15th/May.5th - Elle Michalka / Sam Vanallemeersch / Lale Westvind

May.13th / June.10th- Anthony Cudahy / Louis Fratino / Anna Glantz

June.17th / July.8th - Leon Sadler / Kristy Luck / Ashley Wick / Adam Lovitz

July.15th / August.12th - Eric Wiley / Jonny Negron / Maureen Gubia

August.19th / Sept.8th - Victor Victori / Potter's Guild of NJ

Sept. 15th / Oct. 7th - Gretta Johnson / Kenichi Hoshine / Angela Heisch

Oct. 14th / Nov.4th - Adam Amram / Audrey Helen WeberAko Castuera / Hiro Kurata

Nov.10th / Dec.8th - The Clothing Show - Dripper World / Dan Isaac Bortz / Kate Klingbeil / Grace Lannon / Noel Freibert / Kamihira / Joanna Fields / Samuel Hayes / Gertie Brady / Christine Mahoney / Isa Beniston / MORE MORE NOW / Sarah Lammer / Shelby Rosabal

Photo Credit: Jason Rusnock / Film Credit: Khyber Jones

Photo Credit: Jason Rusnock / Film Credit: Khyber Jones

If you would like to schedule an appointment outside of open hours you can either call or e-mail us. Thanks.